i like the thrill
Nothing's gonna make me feel this real.

Not really, I can normally fit 3-5 jobs a day, most are between 1hr-8hr. I usually go on at least one date a day as well but that’s just me. You get more fans when you do required jobs.

Damn girlll, you really do deserve this A spot more than I do. I feel like I don’t have the energy for 3-5 jobs, so I’m probably doing something wrong. Which is just as well, coz I don’t have enough free time in the day for that many either. :/

Don’t waste time on dating! Spend all of your energy working and buying houses, clothes & furniture and it should work out! I was a D-lister for a long time and then I bought the beach house in Miami and kept working, now I’m A-list with 41.8M fans.

So I’m sensing that the key to this whole game is this Miami beach house… *rubs palms together*

I haven’t bought any furniture. I thought it was just for decoration, and no game advancement?

Do longer jobs?? I don’t get why you’re still so low. I’m at like 34mill fans and I’ve barely been playing for a week.

I don’t get it either. I do an 8 hour one once a day. Sometimes a little 1/3hr one too. Is that slacking?

I became a list straight away after they asked me to buy a beach house in miami for 6k 😒 wasted 6k.. was broke in the middle miami.. felt like iggy, broke and fake

LMAOOOO. Like Iggy. I’m dying.

I’m still saving for that shit, while trying to keep my outfits looking fresh so I stop getting dissed by fucking E-listers. I think I’ve got about 4k now.


The same lines in Initiation by The Weeknd are in XO/The Host and if someone would please explain the connection that’d be nice.

In the Echoes of Silence mixtape, Initiation comes straight after XO/The Host and I think it’s a really nice transition between the two songs. Especially since XO is so upbeat and Initiation is quite dark and trippy, the Host bridges the two songs and continues the overall epic flow of the mixtape.


Bored? bored


I haven’t been this gone since Thursday


The Trilogy

Quick question:
Why am I still a D-lister? I’ve been putting in work. I should at least be a B-lister by now. I play every time my energy is full charged. :/


And I don’t care about nobody else, cause I’ve been on these streets for too long, baby I’ve been on this too long

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