i like the thrill
Nothing's gonna make me feel this real.

@abelxo: “I hope my daughter never meet a nigga like me."  

REVOLT videos:


Can you tell me something's I need to know about the weeknd ....abel

I’m not entirely sure how to answer this.
You can basically get everything you need to know about him from his Wikipedia page, his song yrics, Twitter, Instagram, interviews and stuff that he’s done… 

I made a masterpost of links to his behind-the-scenes life a while ago (which I’ve been meaning to update). I’ll post that for you. :)


Wait what does oxcy mean lol ?

Oxcy is the cute radioactive red panda that’s kinda the Kiss Land mascot:



feminympho Yoooooo. Dude was not kidding about his new healthy lifestyle. 


thrill-xo You do know that we actually read your tags, right Jess? Cuz um… Sometimes I wonder if you think we can’t see them. Exhibit A. You nasty. theweekndfanfiction pulls the same thing. Just being a complete freak in her tags like we won’t see. Y’all ain’t slick. 

LOL. Wuttttt? *exaggerated gasp* I have NO idea how that got there. Someone must have hacked into my Tumblr. *clutches chest dramatically*

I love how you know it’s Abel with just one glance. 

I don’t care about you, why you worried about me? All I want is that smoke, give me all of that smoke. —The Weeknd (Kiss Land)

What do you think of Love Me Harder?

SUPER late reply, but uh, it’s alright, I guess. Not my kinda song. I haven’t actually listened to it since the day it came out, but not because I hated it. 
I just kinda forgot about it. :/


I have an image of Oxcy as my wallpaper on my phone and one time my little cousin asked me where it came from and what it is because it's "cute". Oh the innocence!

LOL. It is cute! So misleading. But I love it, coz you can wear an Oxcy t-shirt (or set it as your wallpaper) and it’ll be like a secret you share with only XO fans. And we’re the only ones that know what it really stands for. ;)


king of the fall is prob the next album name. house of balloons, Thursday, eos, kiss land all had songs that were named the same as the album.

Yup. I think it’s very likely. And he named the tour after it. Like the Kiss Land tour.
Also the whole XO crew seems to be pushing the KOTF acronym A LOT.

I first heard this remix of both songs on youtube Jimmy Kimmel live. I fell in love with this version. So I took advantage and downloaded the song..  I decided to upload it on tumblr, because no one has this version on here. so enjoy The Weeknd beautiful version of both songs. I hope he record a real single out of this



LMAOOOOO. No, of course not. I possess no such skills. I can barely log into my own. :P


Why this sound like thrill-xo thooo?

LMAO. Lemme think, 17 Sep? That might be one of the days I hacked into his Twitter. :)

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