I really wonder if Abel will ever cut his hair. At this rate, it has nowhere to go but up.
But he would do some sneaky shit and chop it off one day, I feel like he would do it…

I feel like his only options are

  • to trim it (not so much that it causes an uproar but enough so that it returns to a ‘manageable’ state) or 
  • to change up the shape so it takes on a new form, which seems to be what he’s been doing for the past couple years. It gets longer but also different…

link to the knowing video ? ive never seen it !!


Of course! We have to fix that right away.


Enjoy, it’s reallly trippy and weird. Strangest Weeknd video by far. :p

littleconvent replied to your post:Pretty video

always show the sex scene. ALWAYS.

LOL. Yes. And never censor the f-words. As if the people on the internet haven’t heard it before.

Gifted video

  • french montana’s song but abel owned it.
  • shamelessly seducing the camera with his lip licking and tongue flicking.
  • you can tell by his hair it was filmed months before the others.
  • for once he’s not wearing black. how beautifully refreshing.

It was worth the 56-year wait for this one.

Pretty video

  • nts: pretty playing in the background of anything makes it more intense. play it next time you walk through an airport
  • ok, so censor the f-word but show the sex scene, that makes sense.
  • nice that he dropped the mask of non-chalance for a second and showed some strong emotion.
  • that taxi driver must have felt so stupid.

So cinematic, definitely in my top 3 Weeknd videos.

I always wanted to know why they waited till around when Trilogy came out to release The Zone music video...I'm sure that was his first actual music video you can tell because the palm tree didn't grow in look at his hair as his growth as an artist tbh


I think the Knowing was his first one. And then he tweeted something about filming some videos for ‘the vault’. I guess he released them near Trilogy to give it some buzz. Or maybe just to tease us. Who knows why he does what he does? :p

Hahaha, you can definitely see the change in his hair throughout the years. I keep wondering where he’s taking it next. Watching some of his latest performances, the back looks long enough to ponytail it tbh.

Live For video

  • abel is so tiny and amazing.
  • his hair is getting long by this one.
  • the flashing graphics are hella cool.
  • is there something in the water in toronto? drake’s got the same absolutely flawless skin and facial hair. wtf.

There’s something really exciting about this video. I like it.

Love in the Sky video

  • those eyes, the way he licks his bottom lip at the end. lawd.
  • i often wonder whether this video was filmed at his apartment in the sky.

I wish it was longer. I really wish it was longer.

LMAO every time o see that video I just stare at the vein when he comes on screen. I’m glad that’s not just me lol

Haha, it’s so weird, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before.

Look at his face.

Look at his face.

Belong to the World video

  • his face (+expressions) is so flawless. like damn.
  • his hair was perfection at this length. perfection.
  • that woman is so lucky to get so close. their lips were millimetres away from each other. pretty sure they touched at some point while they were trying to film that.

This one really got me in my feels.